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What song are you currently addicted to?

Arashi - Ohno Satoshi "Rain" lol! and Lady Gaga´s songs lD

What´s your favorite season?
winter! i love cuddling in bed with a nice coffee and blankets l3

What´s the latest movie you watched?
Splice....and it sucks lol!

What is the one skill you wish you had?
skill.... if id be able to play an instrument, cause ive tried and i suck LOL! but i love them... D: i want to play the drums lD

What´s your current fandom/obsession/addiction?

What´s your favorite musical intrument?
drums and guitar LOL!

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
Livejournal, Photobucket, Hotmail, Deviantart, Etsy and webs where i can dl movies lD and

What was the last thing you bought?
two a Matsupurple one and one with rainbow colors lD! ou..and ingredients to make a cheesecake LOL!

If you won 10,000 bucks today, what would you do with it?
really?...I´d give it to my parents D: so we can have our beloved dream house lD! and cause i know they need it more than me alone LOL!

Favorite time of the day
at night when i say goodnight to my family and go to my comfy bed to watch some videos or to read something while on twitter lD

What's the last thing that made you happy?
simple things make me happy...the last thing was just this morning when my parents came back and my mom bought mexican sweets lol i was super happy~

Do you want to learn another language?
thats an easy one LOL YEAH!! xD

Five things you cant live without
FAMILY (including of course my dog)
MUSIC (including Arashi of course!)

and a random gif lD just for the pleasure of it~ Photobucket
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Oh yeah! im back and ready to post lD! i had this gifs in my laptop before my internet failed on me! so i just wanted to post them to get rid of them LOL! Its just a bunch of HnA horses outfit, some VsA moments and the Love Rainbow making of :D! oh... and some Music Lovers lD!!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket



Oct. 7th, 2010 10:33 pm
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this is a random post from my phone... i feel like crap i want my internet back i didnt got the many jobs i went to... am i not worth of working or what? i just want to save money and help mom with everything.. am i thaat stupid? ppff... whatever and just for fun ill leave this here!

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So its not your bday here where i live but where you are it is! andi know its simple and maybe kinda stupid but ill post this even via phone!!! ILU~!!! and i hope we can be friends for a long time and celebrate more birthdays! here just a lil Aiba for you!

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Sep. 29th, 2010 03:20 pm
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so im here posting on LJ just cause i miss it! i dont have internet at home and i duno when its comming back TT__TT so finally i decided to post via iphone XD! i have lots of gifs and icons i want to post but i cant right now ;_; so youll have to wait XD
And just because heres Sho lol!


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I made some icons from the latest mags like Potato, and Wink Up where the guys appear, so i hope you enjoy =) im still making some Riida icons so wait for them XD!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

ARASHI x dream~ )
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This is the Ranking Part 3! i know i know...its MatsuJun´s bday! and i´d have to make an entry for him bla bla bla! BUT! THIS ENTRY IS DEDICATED FOR HIM :D! (duno why cause it has nothin to do with it but i dont care lD) So! this is the FUNNY VIDEOS RANKING! theres just 6 videos here! and really really...this one was so yet so easy XD! cause we all have a favorite here lol or thats what i think XD!
And! i even made gifs!! 8D!! cause this videos are really funny LOL! so i couldnt resist!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket



Aug. 27th, 2010 05:46 pm
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So today was both sad and happy day...thats why i call it a weird day lol! I woke up this morning early cause i was goin out with mom to buy some stuff and to pick up my cats ashes...
We went out, after eating breakfast lD, and first stop was pickin up Agatha. This is her:

it says on the little box: "With all my Gratitude, for all that we shared, I´ll protect you until the end, for you to be part of nature"
I loved it! and it made me cry! lol!!

After we came back i was in the car and i saw somethin in the floor by the door...a white my dad pickd it up and gave me the biggest smile ever XD! He said (with male voice) "FROM SWEDEN!" LOL i jumped up and down full of happiness! Finally Idas letter was here!! It made me soo happy after feelin so crappy lol...
This is the letter!

and this is the beautiful gift she sent me! Which i adore!! *O*!! i love what it says! and its so true XD!!

So yeah! it was a weird day..and now it looks like its goin to rain XDD!!! (Random lD)

RIP Agatha

Aug. 26th, 2010 01:00 pm
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Agatha Christie was born on April the 8th of 1993. She was a siames/angora cat. Beautiful white fur, with a lil bit of brownish color and big blue light eyes.
She was never a regular cat...not the one that goes to you for you to carry, or at least touch her. She had always bein different, she had a tough personality and kinda curious. No one could ever touch her unless she wanted to and just for a few seconds. The only one that could carry her when she was young was my sister, she was special to her. When we moved to this new house it was difficult to her to get used to. Its never a good idea to move from one house to another with a cat, cause they dont get use to the new house, they go out to look for their old one and get lost. I had to let her in one room with the door close for weeks, of course i was with her every day and give her food and water, but it was the only way for her to get use to the new house and the new city. After a few months she was used to the whole house and she even went out, she was already 15 years old.
August 26, 6:00 am: this morning while i was sleeping we heard a scream coming from outside our rooms. I didnt know what it was cause i was really sleepy, but my dad went for me and he just said that Agatha was really bad. I went to see her, my mom was already there sittin in the floor beside her. I sat down infront of her and started to cry...she had her mouth open barely breathing. A few seconds later my sister came and started to talk to her..touchin her... Agatha breathe one last time and then she was gone....
She was 17 years old...almost 18 years. She was an extraordinary pet, never got sick, never complained bout anythin and even tho she never wanted us to have another pet, when our doggy came she respected her.
She was the best companion youd ever ask for....
Thank you for being with us for so many years my baby, i know that wherever you are now your safe and healthy. I hope grandpa, Martitha, Shinji and Tornak are waiting for you there.
Youve become a beautiful angel my dear.

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I finishd this icons really fast...i duno why o.O? but well...anyways here they are XD! it is your Aibaby!!! hope you like them XD! and for all the Aiba lovers feel free to take =)!

004 008 017

Aibaby!! YAY!! )

and...MABOTOFUTEAM! O.o!!?

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Here are some icons from Matsumoto Jun (yes Cassie finally XD) and some from the Tour Pamphlet..which i really dont like =x but i kinda managd to make it look ok lol!

032 016 010

007 010 021

Boku no Miteiru Fuukei )

GIFS! <3

Aug. 22nd, 2010 03:30 pm
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OMG! finally i could post this gifs that i had for weeks in here!! stupid Photobucket "your gone over capacity" sh*t lol!! but now that im ok again :D here they are... just a lil tease for you to go inside the cut! THIS IS FOR YOU SHO LOVERS!


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Everyone askd for one so here it is! its just a drawing girls so dont be so thoughtfull bout it if you dont look like the pic XD! cause well i duno some of you...well...i duno Pam and Rach XD! the others ive seen you o.o! and yes my hair is like that! and i dont have the Pucca haristyle cause its hard to draw LOL and if you think it looks like an anime yes! i took some ideas from it cause i love anime LOL! so anyways.... CHECK CHECK CHECK IT OUT!


Tomorrow i might post the gifs that i have for Pam and the others and im still making the Jun icons for Cassie, and more gifs to come cause i havent made from the other cons so wait for them and of course Ohnos and Aibas icons too! and.... thats it...i think.. thank god Photobucket is workin again! and i hope to dont got over limit again lD!

Love all the fangirls out there! <3
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So this is just a random post cause i wanted to use my new Layout *o* which i love XD!! and to show u my new laptop wallie *o* which i love too XD!!!


and this i just made it for you Natnat cause i know your sad =( so i hope this makes you happy! =D

SO THATS IT! XD! another silly entry lol! but worth it!!
Im working on the cover of the manga right now and i already have ideas for part 2!! so wait for it!!! XD!
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So finally here it is! THE SUPER MEGA MABOTOFUTEAM MANGA!!! (plus all the fangirls out there lD) Il just skip all this sh**t XD and lead you to the still fighting with photobucket so i have a headache, but im happy you girls finally get to see the manga, i hope you enjoy!!
And i know i didnt draw all!!! the fangirls out there, but maybe if i make part 2 therell be more girls on it! THIS IS DEDICATED TO ARASHI, TO KYO THATS NOT WITH US AND TO ALL OF YOU THATS GOIN TO READ IT! enjoy! <3

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So...i wanted this to be a post of gifs i owe to Pam and Cassie...and Ida and Natnat and Tikah and...well...anyways...i couldnt!! why!? cause the stupid Photobucket screw me over!! i almost exceeded this months limit so im not goin to upload till this months end, so its like in two days xD! But still! THE WEIRD THING IS!! that i made another photobucket account...and i was uploading some gifs and them BAM! they didnt i was like i went to my first account to see the space i had and BAM! the gifs were i was like o_O!!??? how could i upload in one acc and the gifs appear in the other one... SO IM PISSD WITH PHOTOBUCKET RIGHT NOW!
Anyways...talkin bout other subject, this is a lil preview...or plot whatever XD! of the almost done =)! im just finishin the last page and then is time to scan, thats goin to take a while cause the page is huge and i need to scan in four parts..and theres like 6 XD!! youll have to wait more DX

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yay! Finally im back! stupid laptop was on hold because of the stupid Roxio BackOnTrack software and at the end the stupid didnt work at all....and just cleaned half of my laptop... (yeah i said stupid too many times :D) So! goin to the main point!!! MORE GIFS XD!!


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click for larger image :D!


..and you can save the drawings cause its for you XD!!


Aug. 11th, 2010 09:12 pm
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yes yes! its me! and this is just somethin about the store me and my sister have on internet! for the people on US, Canada and Latin America! and for those that are interested and dont live in America let me know and maybe we can get to an arregment :D! This are just some of the headbands and crosstitch we make! feel free to visit our livejournal where youll find more! [ profile] mogabling

We lowered our shipping costs!

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

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Aug. 10th, 2010 07:40 pm
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Ive bein postin on lj like everyday! im tired!! XD!! but i finishd the second batch of gifs and the special request from sakuratikah <3! and yes i already made the one for Pam but im goin to post it some other day cause im busy LOL! and Rach im sorry i didnt have any Sakumoto gif, but i made a Sho one for you <33 and of course like always...Nino gifs for NatNat :3! and the one for Pam yours will be on the next batch XD!

Photobucket Photobucket

MORE GIFS!! and i know your computer loves me! <3 )
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