Aug. 26th, 2010

RIP Agatha

Aug. 26th, 2010 01:00 pm
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Agatha Christie was born on April the 8th of 1993. She was a siames/angora cat. Beautiful white fur, with a lil bit of brownish color and big blue light eyes.
She was never a regular cat...not the one that goes to you for you to carry, or at least touch her. She had always bein different, she had a tough personality and kinda curious. No one could ever touch her unless she wanted to and just for a few seconds. The only one that could carry her when she was young was my sister, she was special to her. When we moved to this new house it was difficult to her to get used to. Its never a good idea to move from one house to another with a cat, cause they dont get use to the new house, they go out to look for their old one and get lost. I had to let her in one room with the door close for weeks, of course i was with her every day and give her food and water, but it was the only way for her to get use to the new house and the new city. After a few months she was used to the whole house and she even went out, she was already 15 years old.
August 26, 6:00 am: this morning while i was sleeping we heard a scream coming from outside our rooms. I didnt know what it was cause i was really sleepy, but my dad went for me and he just said that Agatha was really bad. I went to see her, my mom was already there sittin in the floor beside her. I sat down infront of her and started to cry...she had her mouth open barely breathing. A few seconds later my sister came and started to talk to her..touchin her... Agatha breathe one last time and then she was gone....
She was 17 years old...almost 18 years. She was an extraordinary pet, never got sick, never complained bout anythin and even tho she never wanted us to have another pet, when our doggy came she respected her.
She was the best companion youd ever ask for....
Thank you for being with us for so many years my baby, i know that wherever you are now your safe and healthy. I hope grandpa, Martitha, Shinji and Tornak are waiting for you there.
Youve become a beautiful angel my dear.



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