Jul. 3rd, 2010

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YES YES!! its out! XD! finally we saw the To be Free pv! I really liked it! beside that i had that song stuckd in my head since the very first moment i listend to it lol! The video is very simple but that makes it look very kakkoi xD! Everyone looks soo good!! Does Aiba has black hair again? cause if he does i like it! i think he looks better with black hair, but well thats just my choice xD! Riida looks so cool there, and he singing always makes me drool lol i adore him xD! Sho...this is the first time i totally can notice your slopin shoulders since the begining XD! Our Sloppin shoulder king looked so good today too. BTW.. that was Nino playin the guitar right? lol!!omg...Ninos hair in that video i didnt liked it =X but hes Nino...hes adorable in any way! xD! and Jun....Jun...i know my favorite is Sho...but omg Jun...i cant get you out of my head with that white tanktop!!! Do you have to be so damn sexy!?
Dear Sho can i have a Jun moment for a while? please? xD! ill get back to you when this image in my head leaves me


Thas the image in my head...now that i want to have Aiba dreams this comes out! please Aiba visit my dreams...Jun let Aiba come lol!!!!!


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